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Short on dough for a big renovation this year? If you have the cash for only one pricey overhaul, one of these mini makeovers could be the best way to give your home a big boost that will please you now as well as a prospective buyer down the road.

1. Get Cooking in the Kitchen Any spruce-ups in the kitchen can serve up dividends. But if you want to make one big upgrade, look into an energy-efficient induction cooktop. This appliance features a smooth glass surface that heats up and cools off efficiently and safely (without an open flame), and it doubles as extra counter space when not in use.

Did You Know?

80% The average return on investment for a wood deck addition after a home is sold

If your kitchen is closed off (and you love your current cooktop), you might even knock down a non-load-bearing wall to open into your dining or living area. Just make sure your contractor identifies the load-bearing walls, which hold up the ceiling, before starting any demolition. An open-plan social space is inviting and attractive to prospective homebuyers, and you can enjoy the multifunction space until you decide to sell.

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2. Make a Counter Offer Trade in your bathroom or kitchen’s scuffed laminate, tile or granite for easy-care quartz. You don’t even need to rip out your old standbys. Consider quarter- or half-inch-thick overlays, which can be custom-fitted to cover your shabbier countertops at less cost than a total replacement.

3. Bring the Indoors Outdoors Many homebuyers swoon over a wood deck. Any kind of access to the backyard will add value to your home while increasing your enjoyment. Even replacing windows in a bedroom or family room with sliding glass doors or French doors can do the trick. Or you might consider enclosing an existing porch with sliding screen-and-window panels, creating a three-season room.

4. Open the Door Swap your ho-hum front door for an entry that says, “Welcome home!” Steel or fiberglass models win for security and energy savings, and for the variety of design options, from woodlike grain to window panels. Paint it to match your exterior trim, or try a bright contrasting color to make a smart first impression. Realtors estimate that you could recoup up to 102% of its price tag when you sell your home!

5. Let in the Light Natural illumination will always brighten your outlook and your bottom line. Skip the skylight and test out sun tubes for less bucks and bother. (Kits are available at around $230.) These TDDs (tubular daylighting devices) reflect and direct sunlight as well as moon glow into a kitchen corner, dingy hallway, windowless bathroom or walk-in closet.

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