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Each year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) bestows its Top Safety Pick + awards. They take all the car models on the market for rigorous testing. So how good is your safety know-how? Take the quiz and see.

1) Which small car did not receive the “Top Safety Pick +” (Pick One):
    1. a) Chevrolet Volt
    2. e) Dodge Dart
    3. b) Ford Focus 4-door
    4. f) Honda Civic 2-door
    5. c) Honda Civic 4-door
    6. g) Hyundai Elantra
    7. d) Scion tC
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a) Chevrolet Volt
2) Which is the only car brand to win a safety award for every model it makes?
  1. a) Subaru
  2. c) Mercedes-Benz
  3. b) Honda
  4. d) Chrysler
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a) Subaru
3) Crash dummies have no gender.True or false?
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False. Dummies come in both sexes and all ages.
4) Which American auto manufacturer had the most models score highest in safety?
  1. a) Tesla
  2. c) Chrysler
  3. b) Ford
  4. d) General Motors
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d) General Motors, with 14 models winning safety awards in 2012
5) A more expensive car guarantees more safety. True or False?
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False. Small cars and midsize moderately priced cars have the highest number of Top Safety Pick+ awards, with 18 among them.
6) Which of these SUVs is rated the safest by the IIHS?
  1. a) Lincoln MKT
  2. c) Mercedes M class
  3. b) Lexus RX
  4. d) Volvo XC60
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d) Volvo XC60
7) The driver of a hybrid car is less likely to get injured in an accident. True or False?
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True. On average, hybrid drivers are 25% less likely to be injured in a crash.